What No One Knows

What No One Knows

What No One Knows

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Written by Tope Laguda and Directed by Adeoluwa Owu, ‘What No One Knows’ is a 2023 drama that stars Tope Laguda, Mofe Duncan, Adunni Ade and Enyinna Nwigwe.

The film follows the journey of two friends, Oriyomi and Ifelolu, who bond after one returns home from the UK following the loss of her parents. Although their personalities are wide apart, Oriyomi and Ifelolu become inseparable. As adulthood comes knocking, one becomes a Photographer and the other a Baker/Caterer. However, a secret agreement made between them threatens to destroy their entire relationship. As battle lines are drawn, Oriyomi and Ifelolu will go to extreme lengths to hurt each other.

This is a film with earnest performances, a hard-hitting script and a totally blast ending that will surprise everyone. Filmed on location in Nigeria, ‘What No One Knows’ succeeds at being a moving drama that will make you care about its characters, only for it to peel layers upon layers and unearth the reality simmering within.

The script, while skirting around the familiar, does offer something new. While the first and second acts build both the characters and the story, the third act is solely reserved for the emotional beats as the relationship between the two friends comes apart at the seams. Writer Tope Laguda manages to infuse some much-needed originality into the script and thus, the feature manages to say something grandiose about friendship by the time it ends. The dialogues are hard hitting and the transformation from script to screen is impressive which is to be expected since Tope Laguda both wrote the feature and stars in it as well. She knows where to infuse tension and drama and thus, is able to play both sides of the production really well.

In the acting department, What No One Knows manages to make a resounding mark. Tope Laguda as the adult Oriyomi is obviously fantastic and the entire feature rests on her shoulders. She is feisty when she needs to, shows emotion when the plot demands her to and is a towering presence over the entire production. Complimenting her perfectly is Adunni Ade as the adult Ifelolu Akenuwa. However, this is not all as the supporting cast do their due as well. Mofe Duncan and Enyinna Nwigwe are also great and manage to bring their characters to life with zeal and fervour. Layo Laguda as Young Oriyomi and Kelly Wekpe and Young Ifelolu manage to impress as well. The cast works together brilliantly and each character is given his or her moment to shine.

What No One Knows is a production of I Have An Idea Entertainment, helmed by Tope Laguda, who has been instrumental in bringing this project from concept to fruition. Tope Laguda, along with her husband Leke Laguda, co-owns I Have An Idea Entertainment and co-produced the film.

What No One Knows has it all; an emotional central plot made better by fantastic performances and great cinematography. The feature clearly shows that passion can make the impossible possible and what Laguda and her team have been able to achieve here is mind-blowing.

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Cast / Crew

Adeoluwa Owu
Tope Laguda
Wole Ajetomobi, Callum Read
Tope Laguda, Mofe Duncan, Adunni Ade, Enyinna Nwigwe
Tope Laguda
Kolade Morakinyo
Emeka Onuoha


United Kingdom
English, Yoruba

About I Have An Idea Entertainment

I HAVE AN IDEA ENTERTAINMENT LTD is an artist-driven, UK-based production company that develops and produces independent film, television, music, and digital content across all spaces of narrative entertainment. I HAVE AN IDEA ENTERTAINMENT LTD seeks to produce out-of-the-box thinking yet realistic, and character-driven stories. With an emphasis on producing narratives from a diverse range of emerging and established voices alike, I HAVE AN IDEA ENTERTAINMENT LTD aims to become the global benchmark for African cinema and a new generation of Nigerian filmmakers and artists with the space to craft dynamic stories spanning the broad spectrum of humanity.

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Oriyomi, an orphan, and Ifelolu, an only child since her brother’s death from an undisclosed disease, have been inseparable since their teens; but their friendship is torn apart by the fallout from a secret decision they make as adults. A vicious court battle ensues amidst accusations of gross betrayal.
“What No One Knows has it all; an emotional central plot made better by fantastic performances and great cinematography. ”


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