Written and directed by Alex Kruz, Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel is a feature length drama that stars Christalo Castro and Serena Profaci. Billed as a modern love story, the film stars Christalo Castro as Sam Ares, a womaniser who is also spiritual and vegetarian. Unnerved by visions that he does not comprehend,
Written, composed and produced by acclaimed writer, filmmaker and lyricist George Chiang, Golden Lotus is a musical based on the classic Chinese novel Jin Ping Mei (The Golden Lotus). The musical finds the protagonist, the beautiful Golden Lotus, stuck in a triangle of romance, violence and deceit with the tiger slayer Wu Sung, the powerful Xi Men and the humble peddler Wu Da.
Written, directed, edited and produced by Moe Taylor, ‘As Organism’ is a high concept short film that seeks to take its audience on a journey from the subatomic world to the edge of the cosmos as it opens the possibilities of the existence of the universe as a single, connected As Organism. Narrated by Rachel Sellers, ‘As Organism’ seeks to broaden the horizons of human understanding regarding their place in the cosmos. Does it succeed in this regard? Only time will tell but Moe Taylor’s short manages to impress in more ways than one.
Written and directed by Vincent Di Lella, ‘Method’ is a 2021 horror drama short film that stars Deniella Alexis, Jonathan Miller and Atesh Rampersaud. ‘Method’ depicts the story of a shy and introverted college drama student named Sarah whose method acting assignment goes off script and begins to manifest unintended consequences.
The human desire for ingenuity and for pushing the limit has always been the singular most important driving force in humanity’s epic journey of self discovery. It is this thirst for ingenuity that has brought us the 2022 documentary ‘The Electric Cycle Racing League’. Written and directed by James M. Storm and produced under his JSCo banner, the documentary charts the attempts and success of James and his crew as they try to build the electric cycle racing league. The film stars James M. Storm and his real life crew; Sean C. Sprigle, Wes Donalson, Lara Dudas, Raven LaFey, Larry Coppotelli, BJ Zarcone and Bill Elliot.
Directed by Svetlana Cemin, ‘Monk Arsenije’ is a feature length documentary about the cult Belgradian monk, Father Arsenije, as he strives to preserve and rebuild the Monastery of Ribnica which was destroyed by the Turks a couple of hundred years ago. The film stars Iguman Arsenije, Đakon Jovan Aničić, Jeromonah Andrej and Nada Jovičić.

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