World Class Film Award

Best Feature Film

Left of Chopin

Best Short Film


Best Director of a Feature Film

Christopher M. Allport – Emily or Oscar?

Best Director of a Short Film

Jae-Feel Hwang – To Father

Best Producer

George Chiang – Golden Lotus

Best Feature Documentary

‘THE QUEST: Nepal’

Best Short Documentary

Under Custody

Best Television Documentary

As Organism

Best Tv Pilot

Workforce – The Pilot

Best Actress

Camila Llano – The Chosen Path HONORABLE MENTION Susan Shaw – The Unknown Mother

Best Actor

Rodrigo Alfonso – Healthy mind in a healthy body HONORABLE MENTION John Y – Million Loves In Me

Best Acting Ensemble

Golden Lotus

Best Young Actor/Actress

Indiana Edwards – MAMA HONORABLE MENTION Madison Swallow – Distraction

Best Animation


Filmmaker of the Year

Dani Menkin – AULCIE

Best 1st Time Director – Short

Moe Taylor & Kathryn E F Taylor – As Organism

Best 1st Time Director – Feature

Baris Celiloglu – Lockedown Locked In

Best Cinematography

Matthew Luppino – Fragments

Best Sound Design

Peter Mark – A Cuban Documemory

Best Soundtrack

Sergei Stern – The Chosen Path

Best Song

White Dream

Best Music Video

Fadi Awad – To Glory Land

Best Female Filmmaker

Yoshino Takemoto – Left of Chopin

Best American Filmmaker

Daniel Baldwin – My promise to PJ
HONORABLE MENTION Richard Benter – A Still Eye

Best Asian Filmmaker

Shuhei Kondo – Left of Chopin

Best European Filmmaker

Uwe Schwarzwalder – The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd Best Indian Filmmaker

Best Indian Filmmaker

Manoj Thakkar – Manasvi

Best Latin American Filmmaker

Eric Iglesias – The Chosen Path

Best Artist of the Future

Harriet Chung – Old Montreal

Best LGBTTTIQ Project/Film

Mi Vida

Best Comedy

Emily or Oscar?
HONORABLE MENTION The Three Bilinguals

Best Thriller

Red Rooms

Best Inspirational Film

My promise to PJ

Best Script

Byron Oróstica & Sofía Aliaga – Under Custody

Best Screenplay

James McCoy – Sacred Sky
Best Student Film

Best Student Film


Filmmaker Globe Award

Josephine Lilla Bono – Taste of the Indigenous
HONORABLE MENTION DeMarcus Brown – The Pitchman

Best Original Story


Best Experimental Film

Healthy mind in a healthy body

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