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The Electric Cycle Racing League - 2022


, Adventure

United States
The human desire for ingenuity and for pushing the limit has always been the singular most important driving force in humanity’s epic journey of self discovery. It is this thirst for ingenuity that has brought us the 2022 documentary ‘The...


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Steve Crawshaw
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I think FilmmakerLife has set a benchmark for festivals. Excellent communication and a promise of further exposure for winners. That is what we want! Thank you so much for awarding Fifteen Times a Killer best TV/Web series.
Stefanie Riedel
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All around a great experience! A warm welcome and amazing hospitality. The communication was excellent and fast. Thank you so much that we were part of this awesome, encouraging festival and for selecting our project as an award winner. We are so happy!
Levi Wise Kenneth Catoe Jr.
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Amazing festival!! Wonderful people involved. I had an all around amazing experience with Filmmaker Life. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your festival:) Most sincerely.
Sybil Jatta
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We want to thank Filmmaker Life Awards for selecting our documentary feature film "AKWAABA The Awakening", as part of your 2022 film festival. We are so humbled by this experience and we thank God for his hands upon our film. All the best to your team. Continued prosperity, blessings and good health.
Robert Craig
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This a great festival. We were happy to be a part of this with our screenplay submission. We were especially happy to win an award for our screenplay. Go Go Film Festival! Thanks for a great experience.
George Chiang
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Amazing festival!! Wonderful people involved. I had an all around amazing experience with Filmmaker Life. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your festival:) Most sincerely.
Bengt Danneborn
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This price means a lot to us and our film Open minds, Sharp brains, Big hearts. After so many years of creative, hard work, the FilmMakerAwards fills our hearts with so much joy, hope and inspiration. We feel humbled, greatful and honored and we will carry this feeling into the works to come. Thank you all!
Valentina Battorti
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This Festival is outstanding, pure QUALITY, created and developed by top list people, competent, available, kind and hard-working. The communication was a delight, the results were magnificent and I could not be happier with my experience. They truly are superb! Thank you all again!!!
Damian Matyasik
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It was an honour to participate in FilmmakerLife Awards. I am grateful for the award and wish you guys all the best. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Schewe
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It has been such an amazing honor for "Bad Love Tigers" to receive Best Feature Screenplay! The communication, hospitality and networking with the FilmmakerLife Awards Team was exceptional -- 5+ stars!! Keep up the wonderful work of motivating the future creators of Hollywood magic!!!
Varoujan Froundjian
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I am still in shock that my film, “Pulses of the Pavements” has been granted to FilmmkaersLife Award. As an experimental filmmaker one hardly receives a positive welcome and such an important acknowledgment. Thank you so much. I will greatly value my Award.
Keith Plummer
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Thank you FilmmakerLife Awards for selecting my film, Self Quarantined, as a Best Indie Feature winner. What an honor!
Murali Bommaku
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Greeting to Jury and film festival team and it's being very proud feeling and lots of gratitude and humble respect for ur appreciation by announcing ur decision for award winners for our movie ITLU AMMA. IT MEANS A LOT AND THANK U FOR ENCOURAGEMENT.

The World Class Film Awards seeks to help filmmakers create inspiring works of art that will be recognized internationally.

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Sian Gunney is a brand expert and strategist who is famous for launching and scaling some of the biggest brands in beauty, wellness, and sport.

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For a long time, he worked in the cinema as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, action director, head of the stunt group “Special Forces”.

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Karimbeik is best known for portraying the character Raschid in Mona Lisa (1986), Colonel Hassan Ali in Half Moon Street (1986), Hossein in Brothers (2004) and Lugash secret policeman in Curse of the Pink Panther (1983), as well as television series like the Cold Warrior (1984).

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2023 is also when Ioannis Koutroubis launches his tomb of books on filmmaking. Having taught for over a decade he places his vast knowledge of studying the masters into a series like no other ever before.

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Ioannis Koutroubis brings not only an intense passion for filmmaking, but also an acute technical skill fine-tuned towards the craft.

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