"Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez: Multicultural artist blending dance, therapy, and filmmaking.
Award-winning filmmaker Michael Everett: Innovating storytelling with deep audio expertise.
CJ Williams: From government desk to Hollywood spotlight. Inspirational journey unfolds.
Discover Amber Dawn Lee's extraordinary journey in filmmaking in FilmmakerLife Magazine's special edition, featuring her groundbreaking work, personal
In this special edition, we spotlight Lisa N Edwards, whose innovative use of NFTs is set to transform
Dive into Christopher M. Allport's cinematic brilliance with award-winning films and literary adventures in our special edition. 🌟
Transitioning from TV drama to independent cinema, the acclaimed Hungarian filmmaker discusses his journey, challenges, and future projects.
Matthew Luppino is a prolific artist and versatile filmmaker, he has garnered acclaim for his emotionally charged dramas
Ricardo Arnaiz has long been revered as a visionary filmmaker, renowned for his prowess in animated movies.
Harriet Chung's single, "Old Montreal," exemplifies her ability to evoke profound emotions and transport listeners to a world
Her journey from poverty to the world of modelling and film production is an inspiration to all who
The World Class Film Awards is an essential event for any filmmaker who is passionate about creating innovative
The World Class Film Awards seeks to help filmmakers create inspiring works of art that will be recognized
Sian Gunney is a brand expert and strategist who is famous for launching and scaling some of the
For a long time, he worked in the cinema as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, action director, head of
Karimbeik is best known for portraying the character Raschid in Mona Lisa (1986), Colonel Hassan Ali in Half
2023 is also when Ioannis Koutroubis launches his tomb of books on filmmaking. Having taught for over a
Ioannis Koutroubis brings not only an intense passion for filmmaking, but also an acute technical skill fine-tuned towards
The Playground", has won numerous awards through the film festival circuit. Doc says, "I love storytelling and I
Talented people like Marko Stout deserve to be recognized worldwide for their skills that are not unique but
tanding, she graduated from political science to have a general concept with fast resolutions to swiftly resolve the
Brooke Lewis Bellas is an actress, producer and horror icon. Front Cover of FilmmakerLIfe Magazine October Edition.
As a model, brand ambassador, and spokesmodel Monica Yvette started her professional career at age 14. When her
Netflix announced in late November that “The Queen’s Gambit” was seen by 62 million households over its first
The film stars Gael García Bernal, Eliza Scanlen, Alex Wolf, and more, adapted for the screen by Shyamalan
TuneCore seems to have access to more regional iTunes stores while Distribber has access to US and Canada
So how much does this amount to? How much do filmmakers make from these deals? Let’s take
Netflix and iTunes have fast constituted reputations where consumers know that they can watch movies and documentaries that
Here’s a rundown of the must-have filmmaking software, apps and gadgets for working filmmakers and producers.
Organised by Filmnet, the Mykonos International Film Festival will operate following the theme of 'Peratzatha' [peratzaːða] refers to
On Monday, April 12, Barcelona International Film Festival (BIFF), the Spanish film competition, begins taking diversity and vitality
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