The Independent Awards celebrates the best talent In Cinema.

The topic that will be the focus of the festival this year is ‘Future´s Cinema’. And as part of its first edition, the festival will honour the Talent of the year among other categories as: Mobile, Black Lives Matter, Short Screenwriting, Feature, and more.

The Cameras That Shot 78th Golden Globe Awards’ Nominees

According to the data, there’re two dominant models that can be defined as the weapon of choice when well-crafted cinematography is needed: ALEXA Mini, and the Sony VENICE which makes its way to be the king of the high-end cinema cameras.

Sequel to Edward Scissorhands with Timothée Chalamet?

Yes, but in commercial form for the Cadillac brand. Chalamet plays Edward and Kim’s son (Winona Ryder) in this long-awaited sequel that arrives thanks to the millionaire car brand announcement, which can be seen during the Super Bowl broadcast.