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Son of a Preacher Man

Son of a Preacher Man


Review by FilmmakerLife

Written and directed by Dr. Brandon M. Glover, the 2022 drama ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ stars Marquise Lashawn, Destiny Armani, Lachelle Walker, Jermaine Jackson, Merritt Vann and Rayana Briggs.

‘Son of a Preacher Man’ is a story of Jacob and Abigail. Jacob is the son of a local preacher with a severe gambling addiction whilst Abigail is an executive with a promising career. A chance encounter at a local bar sends the duo hurtling into circumstances beyond their control with Abigail losing her prestigious job and Jacob falling deeper into his own abyss. Will Abigail and Jacob be able to salvage their lives or will fate take another turn for them both?’

The film is a potent drama, one that is anchored by great performances and a resonant, emotional story. There is much to like in the film, one that manages to convey some hard truths about addiction and abstinence and how faith may repair broken individuals who might be past the point of no return. Director Brandon Glover manages to write a sharp script and finds success in adapting his own work for the screen without fail. 

In the acting department, everyone does a commendable job. The bedrock of any successful drama feature is undoubtedly the power of its cast to project the story onscreen and here, all main and supporting characters have their own distinct arcs to link to. With powerful performances and nuanced portrayals, the acting finds itself on par with the script. Equally impressive is the direction that allows the story to develop naturally and keeps the audience hooked for the entirety of the runtime. 

Michael McClendon’s cinematography and Jayna Chou’s music are on point. McClendon gives the film its distinct visual flair, one that elevates both sets and performances. It is absolutely imperative that the right visual style be used for a drama and here, McClendon has managed to create a distinct style that goes well with the film’s narrative beats. In addition, Jayna Chou’s score plays up the emotional stakes of the story pretty well and thus, manages to infuse a sense of both melancholy and hope. 

Thus, ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ is a compelling and gripping drama that will leave a lasting impression on you. Dr. Brandon M. Glover’s story of a man whose life is devastated by bad decisions manages to soar above, showcasing shrewd talent both in front of and behind the camera. There is much to appreciate in the film which goes off in unexpected directions. We give the film four stars out of five.

Cast / Crew

Brandon M. Glover
Brandon M. Glover
Michael McClendon, Dr. Brandon M. Glover
Marquise Lashawn, Destiny Armani, Lachelle Walker, Jermaine Jackson, Merritt Vann, Rayana Briggs.
Director of Photography :
Michael McClendon
Stanley D. White, Dr. Thaddeus Jones Jr., Eddie Wilson, Michael McClendon
Jayna Chou
Jayna Chou



About the Director

Dr. Glover began his film career in 2008, studying "Media Arts" at the University of South Carolina. He earned a Master's in "Entertainment Business" from Full Sail University and a Doctorate in "Business Management" from Northcentral University. In 2010, he founded his own entertainment/production company, working on major productions like American Idol, The Charlie Rymer Golf Show, On These Grounds, and Hoarders. Dr. Glover has also created numerous promos, commercials, music videos, and more. He serves as a youth minister and on the media ministry at the Bible Way Church of Atlas Road, believing his media talents are a gift from GOD to inspire others.

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Son of a Preacher Man is a faith-based drama/romance film. The film was inspired by Dusty Springfield’s 1969 hit single “Son-of-a Preacher Man” & the parable of the “Prodigal Son” from the Bible, which takes place in modern-day society. A promising young executive involuntarily falls in love with a young gambler who ultimately ruins her career, and finds himself looking for redemption, while she has to start over.
“The film is a potent drama, one that is anchored by great performances and a resonant, emotional story.”


The acting is great, the story is heartfelt and the final twist will blow your socks off.
Visually, the film is beautiful. Mostly set in the countryside, the cinematography manages to capture the blooming friendship well.
Raphael Xavier’s direction is on point. Xavier allows the main character room to grow as he keeps the narrative pacing on track, ensuring there is not a single dull moment in the entire film.
Scary, superb and packing a solid punch, Skulker is a film that one wishes should have been a feature instead.
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