Make America Love Again

“Make America Love Again” has won 3 BEST SONG AWARDS and 3 BEST MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS.
This is the story of The Woolfman – a British songwriter/producer – inspired by the words of the American film maker Spike Lee. Both are driven by the wish to “Heal the Soul of America”. In 2018 The Woolfman saw Spike Lee on BBC TV saying, “We only have to make America Love again…”. This sentiment reminded him that what happens in America affects us in the UK, in Europe, in Africa, Asia and the whole of the world. That same night – a tune came to him, a tune rooted in gospel music, the music of struggle and of hope. The lyrics emerged all at once, as if from outside himself and a new
American Anthem was born.

“Very Important Song” Alfie Jackson (ex. The Holloways)

The Woolfman teamed up with UK filmmaker Tone Davies & h28 to make a music video for the track during lockdown 2021. Shot in the UK on mobile phones by vocalists Maxine Sparkles and Francesca Confortini – the global pandemic helped shape the video.

“We are all looking at life through a screen right now” – Tone Davies

(Co Director & Editor)

At this time in history the message – “Make America Love Again” sets
a new path, an aspiration. We do not pretend everything was ever
all right in America. Obama says “ Do we care to match the reality of
America to its ideals? I am not yet ready to abandon the possibility
of America.” This is the message of “Make America Love Again” – the
possibility of America as a beacon of democracy, hope and justice,
leading the way in an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable

“Make America Love Again” was released worldwide through W Recordings – available on all digital platforms from Friday 26th February 2021.

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