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Linda Rosenfeld Independent Filmmaking

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A journey of creativity and filmmaking

Linda Rosenfeld was born in Russia in 1972 and lived in Moscow until 2003… Since then Linda has been living mostly abroad, implementing her creative ideas in various fields, i.e. art exhibitions, musical events, yoga and now filmmaking.

Linda Rosenfeld @ 80th Biennale di Venezia, 2023

While living in Moscow she worked at a variety of top advertising agencies, such as McCann-Erickson, Twiga…. That gave her an early insight into video production, although Linda did not consider making a film herself until 2017 when some tragic events made her transform the pain into creativity…

Cinema was a popular subject in Linda’s family growing up and she was happy to attend film festivals, as well as the Moscow Museum of Cinema to see the classics. Being inspired by Andrey Tarkovsky, Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Jim Jarmusch, Jean -Luc Godard and others.

Giulia Tonelli and Jake Fugler @ Nowhere in “When you are near”, Cambodia, Nov 2021


She made her first film as a film director in 2019.

Working in advertising gave Linda a vast experience in many fields but she never had an idea to direct a film until her friend Stephen died…

The documentary was filmed across Ireland, Egypt, Italy, and Vietnam united with a few of Linda’s dreams of Stephen, this docu-fiction is a global tribute to Keeno, who lived and died as a hero, knowing no fear.

Linda found inspiration while working with great cameramen Bastien Clément

(France), Daniel Isichenko (Russia), James Fagan (Ireland)…

“Dubliner” was started with a few lines written on Stephen’s FB page, throwing the idea and inviting cameramen to join the project. Bastien Clément responded at once and filming started shortly after.

Mutual inspiration, high vibrations while working on a noble goal is real, and can be perceived and seen through in the “Dubliner” and in other Linda’s films. Rosenfeld has managed to motivate and inspire people to work together on a non-profitable project that has a trace of infinity.

Cameraman Daniel Isichenko/”Dubliner”, Dahab, Egypt, 2018

Making the “Dubliner” has given her a lot of confidence in terms of directing, editing and filming, and she has become a film director for real.  Linda Rosenfeld has also financed and produced the “Dubliner” on her own and then consequently with the help of Den Mantrov (USA/Russia) and Gary Walshe (Ireland). Talented musicians and singers such as Gili Rahat (Israel), Jenny Liston (Ireland), Fadi Taiba (Syria), DJs Yoel Kuliasko (Belgium), R ManGo (Ukraine), editors Daniel Isichenko, numerous cameramen; graphic designers: Gary Mallard (Brighton Beach Design), people who knew or heard about Stephen Keenan were willing to contribute to the project.

“Dubliner”/Filming “In the cellar” dream, Dahab, 2018

The story of Stephen Keenan was like that of a film that deserved to be implemented. Linda has made it so. saying she felt responsible to leave a record.

Another film covering the story of Keenan and Alessia Zecchini  “The deepest breath”  by Laura McGann was released in 2023 with the support of the Irish Film Board and had a successful launch @ Netflix this summer.

In 2020-21, the “Dubliner” was selected at 35 international film festivals worldwide and has received 12 awards, including:

THE BEST NO BUDGET FEATURE -2021 at the Paris Independent Film Festival

EXCEPTIONAL MERIT @Docs without Borders (USA)

THE BEST SPORT Film @Women’s International Film Festival (Toronto)

BEST DIRECTOR of the YEAR and THE BEST STORY of the YEAR @the Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival (Rishikesh, India) etc

“Dubliner”/Stephen Keenan @Vertical Blue, Bahamas

Feeling Like Modigliani in Paris

A shout for support

Linda Rosenfeld manages to convey the idea of heroism, bravery, rebellious spirit and freedom in her movies. She believes this is what the world needs at the moment. People need to become stronger, and they need an example.  We are to make more spiritual films to encourage the world.

Linda, being fascinated by the process of filmmaking and consequent success of the “Dubliner” in the festival scene, continues directing films and inviting film producers to make more non-commercial and commercial projects together.

Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan @Vertical Blue Bahamas/”Dubliner”

She draws parallels between her current struggles and the challenges faced by artists like Modigliani in the past, expressing her passion for filmmaking and the financial obstacles she encounters. In an appeal to potential film producers, she invites support for her independent filmmaking endeavors, citing several ideas waiting to be realized.

One such idea is an anti-war short film “Remember remember…”; set in Dahab, South Sinai. Inspired by a friend’s readiness to go to war, Linda envisions a powerful message delivered through the film, echoing the global plea to stop the war.

Peter Moller Ravn as Stephen Keenan/”Dubliner”, Dahab, Egypt, 2018

Linda Rosenfeld Filmography

Dubliner (2019, 63 min)

The Giant Turnip (2020, 13 min)

Kampot la ville libre (2021, 54 min)

When you are near (2022, 18 min)

Linda Rosenfeld has received an Industry professional accreditation at the 80th  Biennale di Venezia this autumn. Venice’s experience-2023 has been fascinating! Linda is aiming to present her next film “Il campo della Gloria”/”The field of Glory” in Venice in 2026. She has plenty of ideas. Contact her to know more:

Make up session/”The Giant Turnip”. Behind the scene


An idea to make a short film based on a folktale came to Linda’s mind after screening the “Dubliner” in Dahab, Egypt  for the family and friends of Stephen Keenan in the autumn of 2019.

“The Giant Turnip” filmed in February 2020 in Dahab lagoon, South Sinai, whose colors,  yellow of the desert and blue of the sea and sky are making a perfect canvas/ background for the story.

A genuine effort of the originally Russian-Ukrainian film crew resulted in a 13 min silent film, edited by Turkish and French editors at the end of 2020 in Cambodia.

Joe Murray and Ashley Aquaviva in “When you are near”/Cambodia, Dec 2021

“Kampot la ville libre”

Kampot the free town (2021)

A film by Linda Rosenfeld

This film is a musical postcard of freedom to the world. Stay free!

Reflecting the times of corona-virus in Kampot, Cambodia in a crucial year of 2020, Linda has found it possible to unite a global filming crew to say a word  against pandemics showing a normal life during a lockdown for the rest of the world. The idea of the name is inspired by “ROMA CITTA APERTA”/”ROME OPEN CITY” by Roberto Rossellini (1945).

Special thanks to sparkling wAgAwAgA (UK), Erentug Turan (Turkey), Albers Mayoral (Spain) for the amazing work on editing and the music.

Linda Rosenfeld would also like to thank Luc Lenvain and Den Mantrov for being the 2 major co-producers of the film along with a few others.

Freya Partanen in the cosmic car @ Kenny’s Korner Kampot, Cambodia, Sept 2020

“When you are near” (2022)

This is an actual part of a full-length project “When you are near or MEKONG EXPRESS arrives at 01:08” written by Linda Rosenfeld and Alan Dean in the summer/autumn 2021.

Joe Murray @Nowhere in “When you are near”, Dec 2021

An adventurous spiritual quest around Cambodia, a love story and more.

The filming was terminated due to some fatalistic signs. Edited parts can be considered as an esquise successfully made with no rehearsal  by non professional actors.

Starring: Joe Murray, Ashley Aquaviva, Giulia Tonelli, Tommy Schultz, Jake Fugler and others.

Special thanks to Mathieu Fouchet (France) for the impressive work on camera as well as to Amélie Jarno and Gilles Chevalier.

NEW project/ideas

Il campo della Gloria/“The field of Glory”

A tribute to Davide Lazzaretti, a man who saw the light.

Language: Italian

Film length: 55- 60 min

“The field of Glory”,  (docu-fiction as an approach), is an inspiring spiritual message, the story of a prophet Davide Lazaretti who lived in Tuscany in the 19th century. Davide Lazzaretti was called the Chirst of Amiata

For Linda, filmmaking is not just a creative outlet, it is a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and a testament to the collaborative spirit. As she navigates the dynamic landscape of independent filmmaking, Linda Rosenfeld invites potential producers to join her in creating impactful stories that resonate globally.

Linda Rosenfeld acknowledges the support of co-producers Martin Karopkin (USA), Luca Tirello (Italy), Anna Sechi del Sole (Italy) and others in her filmmaking endeavors.

Connect with Linda Rosenfeld


EMAIL:  [email protected]


Order your hard copies here:


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