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Extraordinary Talent Interview with Fadi Awad, music artist, composer, songwriter, DJ, and producer

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Fadi Awad is a Canadian multi-awards winning music artist, composer, songwriter, DJ, and producer. With a career spanning over three decades, Fadi has achieved remarkable success, topping charts globally and collaborating with renowned artists. His unique blend of music genres, extensive chart achievements, and recognition from prestigious institutions have solidified his position as an extraordinary talent in the industry. Fadi’s contributions extend beyond music, as he has made a mark in Hollywood with award-winning film projects. With his unwavering passion and commitment to creating captivating music, Fadi Awad continues to inspire audiences worldwide and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Fadi Awad

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you and learn more about your journey.
1. Can you tell us about your journey in the music industry since 1986 and how it has
shaped your career as a music artist, composer, songwriter, DJ, and producer?

I began as an Old School DJ in the days where no institution could hire you if you don’t have a high knowledge in all music genres.

I worked in some of the best radio stations and nightclubs and kept on advancing until additionally became a composer, producer, songwriter, and humbly awarded in all.

Fadi Awad – To Glory Land

2. You have worked with many top artists worldwide and introduced various music genres to different markets. How do you select and blend different genres to create your unique sound?

As an Old School student, I was there when many genres popped up, so I got used to like what’s beautiful from every genre. In my compositions, I try to focus mainly on melodies and harmonies that attract the ears.

3. Your albums and singles have achieved remarkable chart success globally. Can you share some highlights from your chart-topping releases and the impact they had on your career?

Humbly, many of my albums and singles were charted in the top official charts worldwide and in the top digital stores… Many of them reached “Number One” position.

But the biggest achievement was reaching Billboard Charts in top releases that became hits such as “Never Fade Out” that was released on “Pump Records” label and distributed by “The Orchard/Sony Music”, and “Reach The Sky” that was released on “Proconwire” label and distributed by “Label Worx”… After getting charted, the responsibilities become bigger, and you must focus on moving forward all the way…

Fadi Awad – To Glory Land

4. In 2014, you made your entry into the Hollywood movies industry and won many Awards in top music and movies contests and festivals. How did this experience influence your artistic expression and future projects?

When you’re a Hollywood Winner, it’s really a big deal. Hollywood is the mother of the artists in the world. It’s the resource of fame. If the best musician or actor/actress in the world doesn’t appear in a Hollywood event, no one will know about them. In 2014 my team and I decided to enter more in the film industry’s world to see if our productions can benefit more from there and to extend our Business. Everything is going good so far…

5. You have received numerous accolades and awards throughout your career in many top events done in the biggest cities in the world, including honors from Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Global Music Awards, and LA Music Awards. What do these recognitions mean to you personally and professionally?

I’m really Honored in every winning result that I achieved. They enrich my portfolio and make me proud and encourage me to proceed forward in solid steps…

Fadi Awad – To Glory Land

6. Your music has been featured on various media platforms, including MTV, VEVO, and Yahoo Screen. How has this exposure helped you reach a wider audience and expand your fan base?

It’s because a big number of real audiences is already logged in and following up on those and other respectable media platforms that are supporting my releases…

7. In recent years, you have explored different music genres and collaborated with talented artists and professionals. Can you tell us about some of your notable collaborations and the creative process behind these projects?

My collaborators and I have remade hits like Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” and Madonna’s “Into The Groove”, and Kylie Minogue’s “Step Back In Time” Officially and we succeeded a lot in that as we have heard many good important feedback. We also succeeded in our new original compositions too… It’s always good to collaborate with artists like Natalia, Viktoria Tocca, Sharon May Lynn, Addie Nicole, Tim Moyo, Dan De Leon, Teknoize, Felo Rueda, StoneBridge, Sasha Dee Jay, Marris, Ron Costa, and All… I really liked every collaboration that I made with every single artist as everyone has their own good specialties that I liked…

Fadi Awad – To Glory Land

8. Your releases have received extensive coverage in top media institutions worldwide. How does this recognition motivate and inspire you to continue creating and pushing boundaries in your music career?

It’s sooooo appreciated and gives full motivation. When you know that you and your achievements are monitored from such big institutions, you have to keep advancing and as much as you grow up and advance forward as much as you are more responsible…

9. Your music has also been featured in films and received awards for Best Musical Score. How do you approach composing music for films, and how does it differ from creating standalone tracks?

Composing melodies and effects and harmonies is different between a track that isn’t made for a visual scene and a one that is made for that… In the first case, you have to follow the visual scene and compose something suitable for it or it won’t succeed…

Fadi Awad – To Glory Land

10. Looking ahead, what can your fans and the industry expect from Fadi Awad in terms of future projects, collaborations, and artistic endeavors?

I’ve finished recently building up my new Industry’s Consultancy service at “Fadko Royal Media Group” that should help all the Industry People resolving all their issues, and looking forward to extending my Business by starting to have our own bases of indoor and outdoor parties and beach parties in some good venues worldwide… I will also compose and release what I find fitting as music in the near future… The show must go on…

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