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Ioannis Koutroubis is an award-winning Producer, Writer and Director. In the last year, he has won a total of 25 awards in Producing, Directing, Writing, and Cinematography. His projects have been selected in over 80 International Film Festivals.
His lead Actor Youtube famous Nick Drossos recently won his first award for Best Acting in the film Agriolouloudo.
His most renowned project Ouverture has won a total of 12 awards in Berlin, Paris, and Rome along with several other cities including winning the International Sound Future Awards. Acquired 10 Finalist Selections in cities like Seoul and Munich. Ouverture has gained 6 Honorable mentions in cities like London, Nice, Madrid, and Tokyo.

Ioannis Koutroubis

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you and learn more about your career. First of all, who is Ioannis Koutroubis?

I am a passionate Husband, Father, Producer and Teacher. Who I am is a great question as I keep upgrading everyday and keep shining so others and not be afraid to shine.

Where did your taste for music come from?

I grew up with a truly diverse taste in music from Classical to Heavy Metal to Rap and everything in between.

Film Director Ioannis Koutroubis

We know that you have directed music videos, what has your experience been like?

Always a pleasure creating with artists that want to create. Film in all its forms is a collaborative Art.

How did the film project, “Ouverture,” come into your hands?

The Composer Tom Joseph is a graduate of Trebas Institute where I am also the Director of the Film and Television Program and when I heard some of his work, I had to create a video for that song. I assembled my Wolfpack and one of them is co-owner of Desskarada the incredible Fashion Brand that supplied the extravagant dresses. I reached out to Jenna Lapolla the dancer in the video, and I am immensely proud to have worked with such a resolute dancer. It was an overall wonderful experience with an exceptionally talented team.

You have combined for several years your knowledge of cinema and music, did “Ouverture” come at the right time?

Indeed, it did, it was like a perfect storm of talented artists coming together to make that project.

You have become a professional and guru within your industry, tell us about your production company Cinemagi Productions and Alioan Creations, your creative writing company.

Cinemagi Productions is an International Production Company that works with many countries and our team is comprised of artists from all over the world. Alioan Creations is a writing company that is also focused on international markets and tells today’s stories for tomorrow’s audience. Every story needs a certain way for it to be told for it to touch the audience.

We know you are teaching production courses, what are your thoughts? Do you think new generations have more tools to advance in this type of profession?

Yes, more tools are available but if the foundation is not solid nothing will stand. For example, giving Leonardo da Vinci’s paint brush to someone does not mean they will paint as Leonardo da Vinci. We focus too much on the tools and not the art, which is why I teach to master the foundations.

What else needs to be done within the filmmaking world?

More than anything else we must not forget to be human. Respect people. People believe that in order to succeed they feel they must destroy others, it is sad that some people believe this, that is why we must shine for others to see that there is another way withing the darkness.

Are you working on your next project?

Yes, I am currently producing multiple Web series and a few Features.

What would be your message for those who want to start a career in filmmaking and the entire range of jobs available in the world of cinema?

There are so many jobs available so you must learn as much as you can and not think that one title will be enough. One last thing is not to be afraid of creating.

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This Extraordinary Talent Interview has been published in the October 2022 Edition of the FilmmakerLife Magazine.


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