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Diana Davis: A Woman MakingADifference Through Film

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It is often said that individuals have the power to make their own change, either by adjusting themselves to fit into the world or by changing the world to fit them. Diana Davis falls into the latter group, an inspiring woman who decided to take action after discovering the appalling situation of corruption and organized pedophilia hidden under the guise of a twisted religion rampant in the USA.

As an actress, Diana decided to use her skills and passion for storytelling to create a movie that would inform and inspire others. Despite having no previous experience in filmmaking and no funding, she regarded these obstacles as minor and found a way to shoot the film, bringing it in under an already tiny budget and ahead of schedule.

Diana & shooting flds girls

The film Diana produced, “Cathedral Canyon,” went on to win Audience Choice Award at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and Special Achievement at The Worldwide Women’s Film Festival. Many of the film’s audience were horrified to learn for the first time the extraordinary story of what was going on in their own country and pitched in to help.

Diana decided to make it her mission to continue producing inspiring and commercial films that highlight social ills and injustices, plowing the proceeds back into the non-profit to benefit the victims of these issues. She started MoviesMakingADifference, 501c3, which has since helped over 200 survivors/victims of various social ills.

Diana Davis

One of the sequels Diana produced, “Cult Cartel,” was actually shot in the town where many of the tragic events from the first film had taken place. The production even featured 28 survivors of the cult in various roles, allowing them to tell their story and bring attention to the issue. The film garnered multiple festival nominations and awards, but more importantly, it helped increase the support system for survivors.

Diana Davis, Ruby Jessop, Julia Rosengren

The latest feature, “Carmelita,” deals with the scourge of human trafficking at the southern border, exposing the tragic and criminal case of supply and demand on both sides of the border. The film is currently in pre-production and is set to begin shooting later this year.

Diana Davis is a remarkable woman who has shown that one person can make a difference and galvanize others to do the same. Her commitment to using film as a tool for social change has allowed her to help numerous survivors of various social ills and injustices, and her work continues to inspire others to take action. Through her non-profit MoviesMakingADifference, Diana is truly making a positive impact on the world, one film at a time.

“Nothing is as hard as it seems if you are guided by passion. But be guided, don’t fight the path the universe paves the way for. Doors will continue to open. They might not be where you planned, but in the long run it will lead to where you want to go.”

– Diana Davis

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