Extraordinary Talent Interview with the NYC Mayoral Candidate Cleopatra Fitzgerald.

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Ms. Fitzgerald, thank you for giving us a little of your valuable time and for granting this interview.

Thank you for welcoming me with the opportunity to be here today with you the fascinating film society team. It is truly exciting.

NYC Mayoral Candidate
Cleopatra Fitzgerald

You are a political candidate for NYC Mayor but also have a passion for the performing arts, acting, film-making and fashion modeling politics. You say these are intertwined, why is that?

Politics involves the fusion of diverse topics and we can observe that in the fields of studies such as in: “Political Art, Political Opera/Music, Political Dance, Fashion modeling politics, Political Cinema, Political Theatre, and so many more. They influence politics as a form of expression to bring about necessary reforms, to alert people of serious causes that matter, to voice the concerns affecting billions worldwide. As for instance, during war, peace efforts, and to protest government broken systems -the performing arts were used to notify the masses and call for benignant changes.   

What performing arts did you participate in? and what did you like most about them?

I have participated in art drawing (in museums featured) and sculpture. At the age of twelve I drew and sculpted nude life models from both genders at the academy. I took ballet classes and my poem was featured on NYC ballet. I took many theatre classes, acting, playwriting while in college and have performed in front of large audiences. I attended a music college and was invited to perform with my violin various times at Lincoln Center. At age eleven I was featured on the cover of a book. I put aside many of my hobbies considering that I was occupied with completing my career. Some of my family are experienced in the performing arts. My father knows a film director who is familiar with well-known actors. What I liked most about the performing arts is their instant ability to transcend audience souls and make them think deeper, to see the context through culture, tradition, religion, historical epochs, colors, events, the five senses. It is a glimpse into the past, present, future and their lessons. It is a combination of emotions, skills, categories and they connect the audience through an array of techniques.

What is your political film about in the near future?

The oppression within our communities when laws are not adequate and the deterioration of society due to crime, idiocy, perniciousness, and lack of good leaders and governance. It can be an assortment of subjects or primarily one focus. The genre will be based on socio-political themes. 

How will you send political messages that are political within your depiction of movie characters, script, acting and modeling?

Campaigning for causes is as vast as the pleads of humanity. With my global and national press releases I have used to some extent political messaging and fashion politics. I will utilize my experience in acting, script writing to stand firm for a reason that multitudes advocate for. The perpetual global themes that in the course of time, eras are unresolved. In particular, the unjustness of inequalities and broken systems and the plea for unbiased justice. Cultural film directors have produced racial films, human rights directors lay bare the atrocities of abuses by systematic faults, religious directors and gay directors on the themes of their demands for tolerance, historical films/plays laid priority in the events of their time and the troubles, the list goes on in cinematic genres. Types of activism vary and the activist director, activist model, activist actress/actor should be willing to portray the role and blend in with the settings so the audience can sympathize and can grasp the true meaning. 

Which movie has inspired you the most and why?

Innumerable movies are an inspiration by decade and genre. Bearing in mind that each is produced to communicate a lesson. Despite that, I do find especially impressive the scene from “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (1951) when Klatuu gave his inspirational message for humanity indicating that non-violence generates peace but if the world tends to participate in aggression it will have destructive consequences. I believe that this destructive cycle spans epochs and it is indeed humanity’s goal to unite to find peaceful accords and not ruination of our Earth. It is a lifelong mission for countries to encounter pure peace which definitely will appease people demanding horrendous conditions to improve such like the world report on child, women elder, racial abuse, civil unrest, political instability, genocide, crimes give rise to billions of lives lost yearly because of senseless motives. The responsibility falls on those who could repair the problems and decide not to and therefore the same global challenges or crisis we keep on listening to.       

When did you become interested in politics, international affairs, and the performing arts?

    I became interested in them while I was very young. My fondness for cultures paved the way to a dedication to them because I like being around people, I am in constant contact with people worldwide. Political culture is geared in sociology, anthropology, psychology and performing arts have presented the cultural traditional performance from their country, region. Furthermore, as an Interfaith Minister who can officiate weddings, funerals, baptisms from all religions I comprehend the variance in ideas, beliefs. 

How necessary is community development and education?

If done correctly it can permit communities to excel by aiding the vulnerable groups. Nonetheless, if the system is
unscrupulous, it will endanger the lives of those who were already in bad situations. If there is discrimination in education and jobs it is futile if the community will be damaged by those trusted with overseeing the system. People with all types of education can distinctively succor the communities in their specializations. Education can enable persons to find better paying jobs, be knowledgeable, and contribute to their communities.

What necessary actions and plans will you implement as Mayor of NYC?

I will make sure that the election process is not rigged, that all candidates regardless of their economic status can debate with the others who are stationed for years with political support from questionable people. I will see that the candidates running as write-ins have a fair share that voters could understand what a write-in means “to write by hand on the election day ballot paper form the full name of the candidate whose name does not appear on the ballot in the section titled write-in.” I will call for visibility to minor political parties so they have a chance to attain the level of major parties. I will see to it that every agency, department, sector is functioning to best serve the concerns of the people and that there is no waste in taxpayers money for unneeded programs and false medical misdiagnosis. There will be watchdogs and other commissions to frequently monitor the wrongdoers and to guide persons towards the right track. 

As a Leader, How Do You Stay Updated About New Developments?

I persistently research the multiple sources until I find the explications that are more directed towards a prosperous result. Not merely checking the governmental websites or newspapers but applying all methods of analysis and my own input to determine a conclusion favorable to the populace.

NYC Mayoral Candidate
Cleopatra Fitzgerald

If given a chance to amend the constitution without interference, what would you change?

The outdated language/content that is not relevant to current USA values such as references that are discriminatory, racial, or inequality -it is open to interpretation if these should be entirely erased rather than left as part of history and amendments as supplemental additions. Another issue is the vague language that can be interpreted discordantly from others -by way of example, Art ll .S 4.1.1 1 Impeachment and Removal From Office: Overview Article II, Section 4 “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of,
Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Persons widely perceive this article as not being clearer on the definition of “high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” At its creation it meant any extensive classifications of crimes. Nowadays, it is debatable.

Closing question, Do you believe movies can positively affect viewers?

Yes, that is the magical achievement where the audience are so mesmerized and people question why? -well, it is that the turning point made them realize a life changing truth similar to social impact films, social justice films, documentaries, activist films, human rights films, films from each movie genre that had a lasting influence on the viewer.         

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Cleopatra Fitzgerald – Biography

Ms. Fitzgerald was born within the five boroughs in Manhattan, NYC which she had lived all of her life. In good standing, she graduated from political science to have a general concept with fast resolutions to swiftly resolve the various issues we nowadays have. The reason she is running for 2021 Mayoral candidacy, the lady stated: “It is not about I, it is about you! Taking care of our 5 boroughs and fellow buddies, it is solely for the best interest of the people’s security. You probably might be in need of an outsider whom will regularly guide the insiders towards the right path to watch over your citizen’s safety. I have been there -thus, turn to me for I will give you: conformity, help, consolation, relief, etc depending on your yearnings, conditions and so forth.. Ask and I will try my best to comply with your requests. It is your choice to reach out under any situations and I will be there for you without indifference to any person’s ethnic, racial, religious, lifestyle or society level, I will not discriminate your situations! Somehow I will be with you to aid, to dissipate amid your fears, anger, pain so we can find a way to mitigate your regression, retention, suppression any kind of dehumanization, I will be the strength of your voice to restore the broken system issues as you please. I would not let you down!


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