A Thousand Lives in a Day: Exploring the World of Christopher M. Allport

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A Thousand Lives in a Day: Exploring the World of Christopher M. Allport

In the northern hemisphere as we tilt towards greyish winter and early sunsets, dreary dispositions can wash over the spirit of some — but not for multi-award-winning creative artist, Christopher M. Allport. Embracing uncertainty between down time and the tangible finish line of his next award-winning project, Allport finds a refreshing fountain of ideas.

Where ambiguity and uncertainty of pinning down the next job or paycheck might produce anxiety for many independent creative professionals, Christopher M. Allport instead leans into the darkness. In my imagination, he appears to sip a refreshing drink from an ambrosia nectar fountain of what seems like lifetimes of imagination. Less than literal and into the liminal, the creative genius finds himself in an imaginative space. He declined to go into detail about it — but did mention something about past life regression work. I choose to leave that deep dive for another time.

“It’s my own form of meditation,” Allport said, as he stroked a beautiful calico sitting beside him on the couch. The aptly named cat, Pumpkin, gazed up lovingly at him. Albeit elderly, her orange, black and white coat shimmered in the mid-November light. “I feel as though I have lived a thousand lives,” Allport spoke quietly to the delightful animal before gazing back to me saying “she is a very old soul.”

“You understand each other,” I replied.

“We do. One of my songs is called I’ve Lived a Thousand Lifetimes, look it up.”

“But what do you mean, you have lived a thousand lives? — you are only forty-six. That is very young to have accomplished so much.”

“I only do the things that I was put here on this Earth to do. If it is not for me, I just don’t do it. This experience. Here. Now. To listen and understand who we are as people, as animals — who we actually are — not who we want someone else to be. And certainly, you can’t succeed if you are trying to be something that someone else wants you to be. Just be yourself. Listen to your dreams.”

As I sat there listening, I realized just how present in the moment Mr. Allport appeared. He wasn’t someplace else, or giving a rehearsed answer, he was responding to this moment. Maybe being present in the moment is the most glorious gift one human can give another. After all, that is what we love about our pets; they live with us in the present.

“Both heaven and hell are right here,” Allport said. “What do you want to make with the deck of cards you have been handed?” he asked with calm simplicity. “I was born to a family of modest means on the other side of the tracks. Had to work hard for everything.”

I think that Allport is a true polymath — or as they are called in Hollywood — a multi-hyphenate. Many can’t conceive that an individual person could be successful at multiple things, yet for creative thinkers, it really is possible. Allport has achieved professional acclaim and success as an actor, vocalist, director, author, photographer, conductor, composer and record producer. If I were talking with Barbra Streisand, many of the accomplishments would have been the same.

“I delve deeply into the endeavors with which I have been tasked,” he quietly remarked.

It turns out that he even has certifications in solar energy and developed a carbon-neutral power solution for his small studio enterprise.

Alongside his mother, Pamela Miron Allport, Christopher credited many academic teachers and artistic coaches, who early on guided and nurtured him on a creative path. His father, Bruce, who actively pursues aviation as a retirement career, introduced little Chris to professional camera and Hi-Fi audio gear at the age of one.

“My parents let me play with nice pieces of gear,” Allport said. “They didn’t seem worried that I would break it.”

Allport was exposed to both arts and sciences at a very early age. Negative experiences and childhood traumas were framed with lessons learned.

He was taken to Broadway plays and Katharine Hepburn films by the age of three, Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers gospel choir concerts, and every museum in his native Los Angeles.

“Lived experiences were important to her,” Allport remarked of his mom, who passed away in 2014. “She wanted to expand my options in life — not limit them.”

Madilyn Clark, a former New York City Radio City Rockette, had discovered Chris at about the age of four, singing at a Japanese restaurant in Northridge. The boy stood atop a grand piano, singing Sakura, a traditional Japanese melody, followed by America the Beautiful. She immediately put him into acting, singing and dancing classes.

During Allport’s childhood performing career and early adulthood, he had the opportunity to work with a variety of legendary Hollywood directors including Steven Spielberg, Kenny Ortega, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jay Silverman, Gus Van Sant, Stephen Herek, Richard Donner, and so many more. As a teenager, Allport did vocal work on Mr. Holland’s Opus, where he worked with actor William H. Macy and composer Michael Kamen — both helped shape and motivate Allport’s career.

Acquiring a bit of knowledge from many creatives, Allport is now a writer / director himself. He has directed television specials featuring the world-renowned composer John Williams, a variety of TV documentaries and even a plethora of music videos for The Beach Boys. He also studied music composition with celebrated American composer Maria Newman.

Mr. Allport has also recently completed his festival world tour of Emily or Oscar? A love letter to the golden age of cinema, written and directed by Allport, Emily or Oscar? has garnered more than 81 major wins at film festivals worldwide. A couple of those awards include ‘Best Director’ at the inaugural World Class Film Awards, and ‘Best Hollywood Film’ at iHollywood Film Fest 2023, which was presented by Joyce Chow after the premiere of Allport’s cinematic masterpiece at the iconic Grauman’s TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Emily or Oscar? itself is a metaverse that presents the film’s protagonist a Faustian ‘deal with the devil,’ and an existential question about his desire for love or glory. The film co-stars Susan Blakely and Casara Clark along with Allport himself, who teamed up with cinematographer Robert J. MacColl. Allport and MacColl were able to execute sweeping wide-shot mastery with beauty and precision.

Allport also recently co-starred in a film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, directed by Nicholas Bromund.

Christopher M. Allport and Swedish director / creator, Fansu Njie, have also teamed up to release their epic novel Senja Chronicles, an action-packed adventure novel set in Northern Norway, against the fantastical backdrop of Viking heritage and Norse mythology. With five-star ratings, Senja Chronicles is available on Amazon, and keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Allport has also teamed up with Beach Boys songwriter Stephen John Kalinich. Allport and Kalinich were drawn together on a music video set — both fascinated with the depth of each other’s work. Affectionately known as ‘Stevie’ to those close to him, Kalinich’s rich history as a co-writer with music industry greats like Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and even Paul McCartney eventually led to Allport giving him his first role as a co-star in a motion picture. Stevie’s character acts as protagonist Sam Feldman’s conscience in Emily or Oscar?

Post festival tour, the Allport-Kalinich collaboration has expanded, as the two just dropped their widely acclaimed single, Delusions of Narcissus: A Halloween Fugue, and they are working on new spoken word / musical projects for 2024.

Allport also serves as music director and conductor of the Los Angeles Recording Choir & Orchestra, which recorded in 2023 with guitarist Toulouse Engelhardt on his magnum opus. Three Novellas for Guitar and Orchestra is now streaming on all major music platforms and is available on Compact Disc at major retail outlets.

Christopher M. Allport is deeply honored to bring together top talent from all around the world, to create world-class musical, cinematic and literary productions. He has narrated a multitude of audiobooks by acclaimed sci-fi author Ray Jay Perrault, and is well-known as a vocalist of international renown. Touring as an operatic tenor throughout Europe with Soprano Dominika Zamara, the two dazzled audiences across the continent in their touring show, Mystique. He is also a proud member of the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers. Allport’s Shenandoah, Arise Awake o Christmas Day, O Holy Night, The Prayer (feat. Ariana Richards), and We Are All Americans (feat. Maya Angelou), as well as other tracks are available for listening pleasure on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms.

Allport’s next project, entitled The Sound of Gold, is a documentary film about the legendary Gold Star recording studio in Hollywood, where from 1950 – 1984 west coast rock-n-roll took form. Cinematographer Robert J. MacColl rejoins Allport for The Sound of Gold, alongside accomplished author and music historian Harvey Kubernik.

After spending the afternoon with Christopher M. Allport, I was blown away with the breadth and depth of work that one creative person is able to accomplish. When I asked him how it was all possible, he simply responded with a question, “Well… what is important to you?”

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