Christopher M. Allport: A Multi-Talented Filmmaker and the Art of Directing

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Christopher M. Allport

Christopher M. Allport is a multifaceted artist with a remarkable career as a filmmaker, actor, composer, screenwriter, journalist, and author. His extensive background in film production, journalism, and music has shaped his unique perspective as a director. With notable collaborations and achievements under his belt, Allport’s recent film, “Emily or Oscar,” serves as a testament to his passion for cinema. In this article, we delve into Allport’s journey, his approach to directing, and the influences that have shaped his artistic vision.

A Desire for Directing:
Allport’s desire to become a director was sparked during his early years as an actor. He recognized that excellent performances are a result of the collaborative efforts between actors and directors. His first experience directing came unexpectedly during a live television broadcast, where he stepped in as a music director moments before going on air. This incident taught him the importance of leadership and set the stage for his future as a director.

Working with Actors:
Allport holds a deep affinity for actors, acknowledging their richness in life experiences and emotional depth. He believes that understanding an actor’s perspective and goals is crucial for effective collaboration. In his film “Emily or Oscar,” Allport chose a mix of trained actors and individuals with unique qualities to bring authenticity to the characters. He values the convictions and tenacity of actors, which create engaging performances. By aligning the director’s and actor’s objectives, the work becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

A Multifaceted Artist:
Allport’s expertise extends beyond directing, as he is also an accomplished actor and singer. His comprehensive training in various disciplines within the performing arts, including acting, singing, dance, directing, editing, screenwriting, and musical composition, informs his holistic approach to filmmaking. These diverse skills allow him to view projects from multiple perspectives and create a cohesive artistic vision.

Influence of Hollywood Icons:
Allport draws inspiration from influential filmmakers and creators such as Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Nora Ephron, David Lynch, Woody Allen, the Cohen Brothers, Wes Anderson, and Steven Spielberg. He admires their distinct aesthetics and the indelible impact their work leaves on audiences. Each artist’s consistent style and storytelling approach have shaped Allport’s own cinematic aesthetics, emphasizing the importance of creating unforgettable experiences for viewers.

Golden Age of Hollywood vs. Modern Cinema:
Allport reflects on the differences between the Golden Age of Hollywood and contemporary cinema. He highlights the artistic independence and passion that birthed Hollywood cinema, driven by pioneers like Pickford, Fairbanks, Chaplin, and Griffith. Today, corporate control dominates the industry, resulting in some stories being overlooked. Allport believes in the power of independent storytelling, which led him to create “Emily or Oscar” with artistic freedom and integrity at its core. He also recognizes the positive impact of technological advancements, making filmmaking more accessible and affordable for independent projects.

Christopher M. Allport’s remarkable career as a filmmaker, actor, and director showcases his multifaceted talents and passion for cinema. His experiences working with actors, understanding their perspectives, and collaborating towards a common goal exemplify his expertise as a director. Influenced by Hollywood icons, Allport seeks to create timeless and immersive cinematic experiences. As he navigates the modern film landscape, Allport embraces the possibilities offered by evolving technology while holding true to the artistry and storytelling that captivates audiences.

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