Can Lisa N Edwards change the way films are funded?

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Can Lisa N Edwards change the way films are funded?

In Lisa N Edwards’s world, technology and creativity converge. As the film industry undergoes a transformative shift with the rise of NFT Films, an unparalleled opportunity for innovation unfolds. Let’s delve into the visionary world of Lisa N Edwards, from actress to agent to writer, producer and cryptocurrency influencer and trader, a multifaceted entrepreneur and filmmaker whose groundbreaking project, COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM is set to redefine Film Financing with NFTs.

Coming from a cryptocurrency perspective, Lisa is on a mission to revolutionise the film financing paradigm by introducing an NFT funding model that transcends the complexities and illiquidity of traditional methods. This novel approach breaks down barriers that have historically limited opportunities for diverse and original storytelling in the film industry. Lisa tells us, “This is just what Indyfilm needs!”

While most of us don’t understand cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, Lisa aims to make it simple with her COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM project. She is unveiling a revolutionary NFT funding model, leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. With this innovative approach, distinct from traditional film financing, COINRUNNERS is set to democratise film funding, offering a more inclusive and lucrative environment for both investors and filmmakers, by allowing sales of “Movie Shares” before the film is complete, allowing for a liquid environment.

The NFT Funding Model Unveiled by COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM

Lisa explains, “Most investors know when they invest in traditional funding, their money is locked up and can’t be transferred. What’s great about NFT Film funding is that the NFTs can be bought and sold before the film even reaches cinemas or a streaming platform.”

The introduction of NFT ownership introduces a dynamic profit-sharing structure, allowing NFT owners to resell their rights and potentially profit from their investments. The innovative “Payback Waterfall” process, developed by the COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM team, stands at the core of this model. It collects revenues generated by the film and distributes net profits to NFT holders based on their ownership shares, creating a vibrant ecosystem that supports the film’s success.

NFT Film Funding Explained

Her dynamic entertainment industry career journey from actress to talent agency owner to a prolific writer and producer showcases a unique blend of creativity and business acumen.

Edwards’ book ideas are influenced by her past with what she likes to call a “psychic junkie phase”, which led to the creation of the “Can’t Fight Fate” book series and a TV pilot.

Can’t Fight Fate Series

Amidst her diverse portfolio of scripts, Her co-written feature psychological thriller, BLINK, adds another layer to her creative legacy, weaving a gripping tale that delves into the intricacies of the human mind, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful twists and thought-provoking narrative about 4 women on the brink of death with the choice to pick who lives or dies, and  HAWAIIAN NO PINEAPPLE, a whimsical teenage story, unfolds as a captivating narrative exploring the adventures of early teenage friends as they embark on a journey to solve a neighbourhood mystery.

Beyond her creative endeavours, Lisa N Edwards is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space. As an early adopter, influencer, and co-owner of platforms and, she brings over 25 years of experience in traditional stocks, commodities, and now exclusively cryptocurrency. COINRUNNERS emerged from her merging worlds of storytelling and cryptocurrency. A true life experience Lisa lived to tell.

COINRUNNERS, spearheaded by Lisa N Edwards, transcends traditional film financing by fusing creativity with blockchain technology. The feature film “COINRUNNERS,” positioned as a dramatic thriller comparable to “Molly’s Game,” “Wolf of Wall Street,” and “The Big Short,” tells the gripping story of a successful cryptocurrency trader navigating the complexities of the market and personal relationships.

With an indomitable spirit and diverse expertise, Lisa has seamlessly navigated various facets of the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impact in every venture she undertakes. From her early days as an actress to the ownership of a talent agency, Lisa’s journey reflects a rare fusion of creative intuition and entrepreneurial drive. Her foray into cryptocurrency, where she stands as a co-owner of influential platforms like and, attests to her forward-thinking approach.

Lisa’s influence extends far beyond the film industry. COINRUNNERS is the latest chapter in her illustrious career; it not only represents a groundbreaking initiative in film financing but also exemplifies Lisa’s commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of both cinema and technology.

As the film industry undergoes a transformative embrace of blockchain and NFTs, COINRUNNERS, under Lisa N Edwards’ guidance, stands at the forefront of this movement.

Did we mention the COINRUNNERS script has 25 awards?

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