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BASTIAN LEE JONES and the artistic design of time

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BASTIAN LEE JONES and the artistic design of time

TEMPUS FUGIT. Time runs incessantly. How to go through it? Without knowing it, Bastian Lee Jones learned from the early beginning to design time artistically. First with his voice. He kept on singing for hours. He sang all the songs he learned by heart while constructing planes and ships with his LEGO, or during painting (in 3D already at an early age).

Bastian Lee Jones

Bastian was a member of the famous boys’ choir “Schöneberger Sängerknaben”. He sang with Luciano Pavarotti, Herbert von Karajan, Jennifer Rush, Danny Kaye and for US President Ronald Reagan when he delivered his celebrated Berlin speech: “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate…” Bastian earned lots of money for his choir appearances. Music became a business!

With his first analog CANON photo camera and a huge amount of Kodak films, the young boy shot his first photos. A sense for proper exposure, focus adjustment of his subjects, framing, zooming and observing the world. It was the perfect DIY education to learn the craft as a photographer. Within three years, he learned to play Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and Bartòk on the pianoforte. The idea of competition arose. He won awards for his LEGO constructions, his essays and his music.


VARIETAS DELECTAT. “Is this the only solution?“ Bastian was asked by his professor of composition. He studied musicology, comparative musicology, sciences of religions, law and economy. He embraced the concept of lifelong education. During his studies, he founded his first company, an event location which he called “BLAUBETON Kulturetage”. Movie nights, readings, parties. Besides other artists’ concerts, he gave his own first solo song performances at the piano, performing his own songs and cover songs of Elton John, Carole King and other masters of pop. His first concert had been recorded and produced by his good friend, Thomas Anker, who meticulously laid out all design and style ideas of Bastian’s promotional materials.


CONDITIO SINE QUA NON. If Bastian hadn’t published his songs with his own record label, EARMErecords… if he hadn’t produced top-notch music videos like “Blue Hotel”, “Hold me”… if he hadn’t worked in Brasil, Indonesia, Ireland, the US, China & Germany, he wouldn’t have had the chance to become a radio producer, presenter, and journalist with his own radio show “Mach Dir Lebenslust”, interviewing stars of music and film and producing interview podcasts (please have a look on YouTube).

LebenslustTV®Ltd. Musicvideo-production making of Lüftfü Ajun (camera) & Charly Rabens (director)

And he wouldn’t have been able to found his PR media and consulting company “LebenslustTV®Ltd. London | Berlin” to produce media content for companies, projects and artists. Finally: without his future wife’s expertise, Sandra Diana (patent agent, solicitor in spe), a great lawyer, specialized in copyright, media law, he wouldn’t have founded the BASTIAN LEE JONES MEDIAGROUP® and wouldn’t still run the exclusive Berlin shooting/catwalk and business meeting location: BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER. One leads to the other.

ORA ET LABORA. In 2018, Bastian became MUSIC AMBASSADOR for Berlin, sent to Indonesia to connect the music businesses, interviewing for example the daughter of the former Indonesian president, who is a songwriter as well. LebenslustTV®Ltd. became the best interviewer company at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Bastian consulted musically the major protagonist for the celebrated moviemaker Marcus O. Rosenmüller and his latest cinema movie (Kandinsky & Münter). “Stallion Kamyar® – of the Stable BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER” PHOTO is his multi-awarded movie production in 2023/2024

Bastian Lee Jones loves Caspar David Friedrich

(EQUINALE & EQUUS FILMFESTIVAL, FESTIVAL DE INDIE, INDO DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL). “Stallion Kamyar®” is the only trademarked and registered Asil Egyptian black stallion a symphony (by Bastian Lee Jones) was composed to and the most beautiful stallion at least in Germany of its very rare kind. He is a thoroughbred with a fantastic pedigree and very popular to breed with. Semen can be ordered. What a bliss owning such a unique high-caliber horse to produce a unique movie betwixt and between a music video, a trailer, or a commercial! Thank you.

EARMErecords music publishings of Bastian Lee Jones

FUTURA NUNC EST. A movie documentary production about a famous racing horse and movie scripts for blockbuster road movies are planned, as well as the publication of a piano classic album, called “Jane Austen – music she would have loved” besides various pop-songs. And: a university doctorate.

Latest Awards

TWO GOLDEN RECORDS for the songs: ‘Zeitgeistgaga’ & ‘Sommer-Selfie’ for the movie trailer ‘Stallion Kamyar®:

  • BUDDHA International Film Festival (5 Awards)
  • Golden Lion International Film Festival
  • Maikzhmithran International Film Festival (2 Awards)
  • Festival de Indie (5 Awards)
  • Indo Dubai International Film Festival
  • Three selections in Qatar, Oman and India
“Stallion Kamyar®” movie winner poster
Promo designs by Bastian Lee Jones, graphic set by Thomas Anker

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