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Baris Celiloglu’s ‘Lockdown Locked In’: A Powerful International Project Tackling Femicide and Domestic Violence During Quarantine

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Baris Celiloglu, a graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, is a renowned director and actress. Her latest project, “Lockdown Locked In,” has garnered critical acclaim and received numerous awards, including the Best Experimental Film award at the Berlin Indie Film Festival. The project addresses the issue of femicide and domestic violence during the quarantine period and features a collaboration of 70 artists from nine different countries.

Inspired by the alarming reports of violence against women during the lockdown, Baris Celiloglu felt compelled to shed light on this pressing issue. She assembled a diverse team of writers and actors from countries such as Turkey, Spain, Greece, Russia, and Australia to create a digital theater production. The project evolved into an international endeavor, bringing together artists with a shared commitment to addressing femicide.


Over a period of 14 months, the team worked tirelessly to develop the project’s eight episodes, each reflecting a different stage of domestic violence leading up to femicide. Despite the challenges of coordinating a large-scale production remotely, using platforms like Zoom, the team successfully captured the essence of the performances and filmed the monologues. The editing process proved to be the most demanding but ultimately resulted in a powerful and impactful project.

“Lockedown Locked In” has received widespread acclaim and support in countries worldwide. The project has been recognized and awarded at various film festivals, including Barcelona Film Festival, IndieFest of California, and Athens International Art Film Festival. Baris Celiloglu plans to collaborate with women’s
organizations and showcase the project to raise awareness and promote dialogue on femicide.

While some may have concerns about the digital medium’s impact on traditional theater, Baris Celiloglu views it as an opportunity to explore new avenues of creativity. The pandemic has prompted many theater artists to adapt and continue their work digitally, offering a unique platform to reach global audiences. Baris Celiloglu sees the digital environment as a valuable tool for enriching theatrical performances and plans to incorporate digital elements Into future projects.

“Lockdown Locked In” stands as a testament to Baris Celiloglu’s dedication to addressing important social issues through her artistic endeavors. The project’s success not only highlights her talent as a director but also emphasizes the power of collaboration and storytelling in creating meaningful and impactful works of art.

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