Feli: The Renaissance Artist Redefining Boundaries from Hit TV show to Top streaming Movies

Feli: The Renaissance Artist Redefining Boundaries from Hit TV show to Top streaming Movies

In the dynamic world of entertainment, there are those who tread the conventional path, and then there’s Feli, a multi-talented force to be reckoned with. Known by his stage names, Feli / The Young Sleaze, he is more than just an actor and rapper; he’s a producer, director, and visionary entrepreneur who has carved his own unique path to success. Born as Cliff Powell, this New Jersey native has emerged from the shadows of adversity to become an inspiration for artists and creators alike.

A Humble Beginning in New Jersey and North Carolina

Feli’s journey began in New Jersey, but it took a turn when he relocated to Pembroke, North Carolina, at the tender age of four. This move exposed him to the harsh realities of crime, drugs, and a diverse array of experiences. The environment challenged him in ways most can’t fathom, but it also laid the foundation for his extraordinary resilience.

At the age of 15, Feli returned to New Jersey, where he faced a battle against a mindset forged in the crucible of violence. Overcoming this mentality, coupled with a less-than-ideal educational background, was just the tip of the iceberg. The death of his beloved grandmother, his steadfast supporter, left him with an emptiness that he needed to fill. Feli was determined to escape the fate that seemed to await many of his peers, and he didn’t know how, until tragedy struck.

Inspired by Tragedy: A Drive to Honor Lost Friends

The loss of two childhood friends to gun violence was a pivotal moment in Feli’s life. Their tragic deaths ignited a fire within him, compelling him to strive for something greater, to honor their memory in the best way he knew how: through music and film.

A Musical Maestro and a Visionary Entrepreneur

Feli had always known that his destiny lay in the music and film industry. He sought to set himself apart by crafting lyrics that resonated deeply with listeners. His music became a medium for his emotions to connect with audiences worldwide. He not only wrote his own songs but also created his own beats, ensuring that his artistic vision remained pure and untainted.

In 2010, Feli, along with fellow New Jersey artist J Boogz, he is a musician, actor and fashion connoisseur; together they breathed life into a dream that would become MNDS (Music, Notes, and Dollar Signs). This imprint was a testament to Feli’s unwavering dedication and hard work. Within months, Fortune 500 companies such as Coors Light, MTV, BET, CMT, and Sony Red recognized the potential of MNDS. Feli’s unique drive and ability to simultaneously pursue a career in both acting and music set him apart from the rest.

The Evolution of MNDS: A Force to be Reckoned With

By 2015, MNDS had evolved into MNDSFG (Music Notes and Dollar Signs x Fortune Gang), reflecting Feli’s ambition and determination. The label launched groundbreaking albums, and Feli / The Young Sleaze graced the stage with celebrated artists in packed stadiums. Hits like “Young Boy,” “If I Die Today,” “Flawless,” and “Everything Starts From Now” captivated audiences worldwide. MNDSFG transitioned from a business to a movement, a statement of empowerment, and an avenue for artists, creators, and Feli’s dedicated team to thrive.

The Silver Screen Beckons

While the music industry embraced Feli, his gaze turned toward the silver screen. He produced the Coors Light documentary “Rise To Fame,” offering a glimpse into his life—a life filled with disadvantages, challenges, rejections, and losses, all while building an empire. He shared the screen with none other than ’50 Cent’ in the action-packed film “Before I Self Destruct” and brought his talent to the MTV comedy series “My Life as Liz.” His short film, “Dirty Laundry: Greed Has No Face,” painted a powerful narrative of a young man striving for a better life, a reflection of Feli’s own journey.

Behind Bars: A Unique Social Experiment

In 2023, Feli embarked on a remarkable journey, going undercover as an inmate for A&E’s hit TV series “60 Days In.” He was the sole male cast member to endure the full two months in one of America’s most corrupt jails. While incarcerated, Feli organized a talent show that inspired over 25 inmates, giving them the courage to showcase their skills. In doing so, he single-handedly restored a semblance of humanity to incarceration.

The Journey Continues

Feli is not content with resting on his laurels. He has expanded his repertoire further with two feature films premiering this fall, along with a nationwide commercial by Getty Images and three other films in the most popular category on Tubi. His relentless drive and commitment to excellence continue to inspire and uplift those around him.

In a world where talent often shines briefly, Feli, the rapper, actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur, stands tall as a beacon of inspiration. His multifaceted career, from music to film and beyond, is a testament to his unyielding spirit, boundless creativity, and relentless pursuit of his dreams. Feli´s journey is far from over, and as he continues to push boundaries and redefine success, we can only anticipate the remarkable artistry and impact that he will bring to the world.

BR FILMS (film crew based in North Carolina) which consist of Marquand Ragland, Matthew Paul Smith, Eric Huynh and Tashel Nixon, has been a crucial factor in the success of the actor known to the world as Feli. BR films are also the ones behind such films as “Dope Boy Magic” “Crossover” and “Monogamish” Which all feature Feli. 

Photos By: Krista Gene 

Special thanks to: Leslie Randle – Morton & the Bellamy Mansion Museum of history & design

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